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Disney Plus is a platform that has attracted great attention since its release. Especially preferred among different platforms, Disney Plus provides easy access to movies of different productions. Disney Plus, which contains different productions, has a special area for each production.

The favorite feature of those who prefer Disney Plus is that the movies can be watched as a group. With the group watch feature on the platform, you can watch the same movie simultaneously from different places with your friends and family members who have a Disney Plus membership.

It is possible to access the Disney Plus platform free of charge. To use this platform for free, it will be enough to log in with one of the designated accounts. But after you get your account, you need to change your password. In this way, it is ensured that you use the platform continuously. Here are the accounts you will use to use the Disney Plus platform for free:

Disney+ Plus Account Login

It will be enough to fill in the information required to log in to a Disney Plus account. You can protect your account by creating a strong password when logging into your account. You can take advantage of the platform with a free month of use by Disney Plus.

After you become a member of the Disney Plus platform, you can log in to the platform using your account password. You can become a member via Google to benefit from the platform that can be used in every field. You can create your own platform by customizing your account settings.

What is Disney Plus?

With Disney Plus, users can watch different movies, series and documentaries in any language they want, whenever they want. You can access movies in the language you want with the languages ​​available depending on your location.

With Disney Plus, you can watch movies of different productions using a single platform, and you can watch the same movie from different places with your friends and family by using the group watch feature. You can reach the movie you want quickly and easily.

Is Disney Plus Paid? What is the price?

Disney Plus is a platform that has been on the agenda recently. You can easily access the content you want with Disney Plus, which brings together all kinds of series, movies and documentaries. The platform, which was opened after the closure of the Disney Channel channel, contains all kinds of content.

On this platform, there are productions of important names such as Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and Walt Disney. In order to benefit from the services offered by Disney Plus, it is necessary to pay a certain fee, as in other platforms. Disney Plus prices are as follows:

  • Disney Plus US Price: Monthly subscription price is $6.99, annual subscription price is $69.99
  • Disney Plus Europe Price: Monthly subscription price is 6.99 Euro while annual subscription price is Euro
  • Disney Plus Hulu Price: The bundle price is $12.99 per month.

What Are Disney Plus Alternatives? Digital Content Monitoring Platforms

The Disney Plus platform has been frequently preferred since its release. There are some alternatives to the Disney Plus platform, which includes the productions of different names. We have mentioned below the content viewing platforms such as Disney Plus, which include various movies, series, documentaries and similar elements.


Netflix is ​​a service for members to watch TV shows and movies from devices connected to the internet. In addition to watching TV series and movies without ads, Netflix is ​​also preferred, which offers the opportunity to watch TV shows and movies in any environment by downloading them on the device.


Exxen is a platform established within Acun Medya. Known as the first digital platform in Turkey, Exxen includes various content for children, young people and families. In addition, it is possible to see social media phenomena. Especially youtubers produce content within Exxen.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another platform where you can watch TV series and movies on a monthly basis. Amazon Prime Video, an online series and movie watching platform, has different content. With this platform, videos similar to Youtube content can also be shared.


BlueTV, which allows you to watch various movies, series and live broadcasts from anywhere, anytime; It is a digital television. Although it is not as preferred as Netflix, Exxen and Amazon Prime Video, it is among the platforms offered as an alternative to Disney Plus as movies and series.

What Productions Are on Disney Plus?

There are many productions within the Disney Plus platform. It is very easy to find the movie of the desired production with Disney Plus, which has a separate corner for each production. The productions you can access in Disney Plus are:

  • Marvel, Pixar,
  • National Geographic,
  • Star Wars,
  • 20th Century Studios,
  • FX,
  • Searchilght Pictures
  • Walt Disney

You can watch the productions in the Disney Plus platform, which is available in many countries. In addition, you can watch movies and series with your friends and family from different places with the group creation feature.

Content within the Disney Plus platform may vary slightly by country or region. However, when viewed in general, the movies in the platform do not change. In addition, you can easily use the Disney Plus platform from the different language options bar.

What are Disney Plus Features?

Disney Plus has different features in it. In addition to the features that play a big role in the preference of the Disney Plus platform, there are also unknown features within the platform. Features offered by Disney Plus include:

The platform, which hosts the group watch feature, allows two people to watch the same movie simultaneously while in different environments. At the same time, you can do activities with your loved ones in distant places with this platform.

Another reason why the platform is preferred is the various movies and TV series it contains. You can be the first to reach the movies produced by The Simpsons, Marvel Studios, National Geographic and various productions. You can watch the movie you want independently from the internet by using the platform that emerged with more and different features after the closure of Disney Channel.

By creating a watch list, you can reach the movies that suit your taste without searching.

By turning on the autoplay feature, you can skip to the next chapter without any hassle.

Through the collections on the platform, you can reach the content that fits your interests without wasting time.

Disney Plus with IMAX format; You can watch movies in better quality by playing with the resolution, color, contrast and brightness-like features of the movies and TV series you watch.

You can understand the movie while listening to the conversations in different languages ​​with the subtitle feature. At the same time, you can learn languages ​​that you do not know in a more comfortable and fun way.

You can create a more secure account by creating a pin code.

On Which Platforms Can Disney Plus Be Watched?

You can watch the Disney Plus platform on mobile devices, web browsers, game consoles, set-top boxes and smart TVs. With the Disney Plus platform, which is easy to access, you can access the movie you want in any area and anywhere.

As a member of Disney Plus, you can watch movies, series and documentaries even in different areas. In addition, you can have fun while improving yourself by taking advantage of the features in the platform. You can familiarize yourself with the platform benefits by using the one-month trial period for Disney Plus.

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