Leonardo Da Vinci Life and Works

Although hundreds of years have passed since his fatality, it is still hard to be a name that excites appreciation throughout the world … In this article, we will certainly supply information about Leonardo da Vinci.

This name, that attained success far beyond the period in which he lived, is the greatest wizard of the world with his special intelligence and also premium capacities.

He has actually succeeded in boosting himself not only in the field of scientific research as well as art, however also in every possible topic. His works have not lost anything of their worth regardless of the passing centuries.

We have looked for you the life, famous works as well as obscure realities about this perfect skill that has devoted his life to study and also knowing.

Who Is Leonardo Da Vinci?

He was born on April 15, 1452 in Florence, Italy. His real name is Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. This name suggests “Leonardo, the kid of the master Piero from Vinci”. Although the precision of the info regarding his domesticity can not be verified, in some locations he was sent to his grandpa as soon as he was born.

Piero, whose father is a young notary public (according to some sources, a lawyer); his mother was a farmer’s little girl, Caterina, who was reported to be a slave. Given that his mommy was not from a worthy household, his papa could not marry him and Leonardo was substantiated of matrimony.

Soon after, he was moved to the wardship of his dad. He matured in his daddy’s house as well as never saw his mommy. In some resources, it is mentioned that he dealt with his mother until the age of 5 and after that coped with his daddy, who obtained married to one more individual. Unfortunately, there are few and vague info regarding his young age.

The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, whose talents and also exceptional intelligence were uncovered at a young age, began to be interested in mathematics throughout his main education years. He got wonderful honor for his success in solving mathematical problems, as well as for the images he drew. In addition to these, it was understood that he played the lyre and also had an interest in songs. Simply put, his knowledge and imaginative propensities were disclosed beforehand.

It is understood from some sources that he stayed with his grandpa and granny up until the age of fourteen, and afterwards when they both passed away, he moved back to Florence with his father. Around this time, his abilities were soon uncovered by his dad, and also when he was sixteen, he was apprenticed to Andrea del Verrochio, a widely known name of that time. Functioning right here with interest, Leonardo impressed his master with his skills. His master aided him establish in the areas of philosophy, anatomy and mathematics with Latin and Greek standards.

In the workshop where he functioned, he had the chance to meet not just his master, yet likewise the well-known names of the period Botticelli, Perugino, Lorenzo di Credi, Botticini and Biagio d’Antonio, as well as obtained a good art education from them. It was throughout this duration that he created the Arno Landscape and also Adoration of the Magi.

Young people Years

Considering that it was prohibited for youngsters substantiated of union to obtain college education and learning back then, they can not get undergraduate education and learning. In June 1472, his name started to look like an independent painter in the note pad of the Florentine painters’ guild.

He ended up being the initial painter to take his instances from nature. Leonardo was the initial individual to realize the results of light as well as shadow by establishing the form as well as shade researches of the old painting understanding. He not only concentrated on the photo, however likewise analyzed the structure of the eye.

Leonardo da Vinci, who was also very interested in anatomy, examined the framework of the human as well as animal body, and also attracted numerous pictures on these subjects. His functional intelligence also led him to pioneer the early science of deology and also taxonomy.

In the Solution of the Battle Each Other of Milan

He left Florence in 1482 and began working for Sforza, the duke of Milan He created one of the most phenomenal work application letter in the background of the world to the duke of Milan in order to be employed for this job. He built bridges, statues, tools for Sforza.

Between 1485-1490, he trained many trainees. He collaborated with the Duke of Milan for 17 years and also enhanced himself. Excited by his abilities, the fight it out at some point made Leonardo the face of enjoyment and shows. In those years, Leonardo created witticisms and also songs; On the various other hand, he was working with an epidemic in Milan.

He operated in perfect order, resting for just 15 mins every hour of the day. In his leisure, he sculpted Sforza on a steed. He had many interests that the majority of the tasks he began were left incomplete. He taped his jobs as well as drawings in a notebook between 1490-1495. Expense Gates accumulated and collected manuscripts of Leonardo’s operate in the field of hydraulics.

He left Milan in 1499 as well as traveled in Italy for 16 years. During this period, he developed a bridge for the Golden Horn in Istanbul, however the layout was declined. With the aid of Machiavelli, he serviced the paint “The Fight of Anghari”.

Message Milan.

Starting to work in the service of Cesare Borgia in 1502, Leonardo started to wander around main Italy in the ability of primary designer. The 6 perfect maps he prepared during his travels are currently kept in the Windsor Royal Residence Library.

He began dealing with the Mona Lisa, one of the most effective paints in human background, in 1503. He never ever left this work with him also after it was finished, and also he constantly lugged it with him. He went back to Florence after his father’s death in 1504. Nevertheless, in spite of all his efforts, he could not obtain his share of his papa’s wide range. His uncle, whom he enjoyed significantly, gave away all his home to him.

After 1506

He satisfies Melzi, that will become his buddy as well as ideal pupil for the remainder of his life. His student named Salai was with him for three decades, but he did not generate any type of imaginative items.

Leonardo, that was in Rome between 1513 as well as 1516, took part in various jobs created for the Pope throughout these periods. He proceeded his studies in the areas of anatomy and also physiology, which he had an interest in, but the Pope prohibited him to work on bodies. On top of that, he researched bovine hearts while doing research on the circulatory system.

Upon the death of his client, Giuliano de Medici, King Francis I sent him an invitation to end up being France’s excellent painter, engineer, and architect. The offer was accepted by Leonardo and he resolved in a manor near the Royal Palace in the southwest of Paris. The estate was particularly planned for him. It is understood that the king valued Leonardo’s success as well as visited him periodically.

Last Times

Recently, he has actually concentrated much more on composition and came close to the human microorganism as an ideal machine. He cleared up every little thing he observed by attracting. His drawings were extremely valued.

During this period, a paralysis descended on his best arm. Despite this, he could still attract and teach with his left hand. Leonardo, who concentrated on clinical research study, was assisted by his buddy Melzi in his research studies. Salai, on the various other hand, had actually deserted him after he pertained to France.

Despite being unable to utilize her right hand after enduring a stroke, the Virgin Mary is surrounded by felines, steeds, dragons, St. George has actually researched, anatomical researches, researches on the nature of water, illustrations of Deluge and also different makers.


Leonardo da Vinci passed away at the age of 67 in his mansion, which was provided to him on May 2, 1519. The cause of death is thought to be recurrent stroke. Legend has it that he passed away in the arms of King Francis. However, the accuracy of this details has actually not been confirmed.

His last words were “I upset God and also humankind because my work did not reach the high quality it should have.” has actually been. He committed the majority of his tradition to Melzi. He was hidden in the Church of Saint Florentine in Amboise.

Leonardo da Vinci Personality, Achievements and Little Known About Her

He was incredibly sensitive and truthful in ethical issues. It is asserted that he does not such as physical call. “Reproductive activity as well as every little thing gotten in touch with it is so revolting that people would soon vanish if not for enjoyable faces and also emotional personalities.” has spoken. In some resources, it is stated that Leonardo had a mischievous personality and scared people by attaching wings to reptiles.

In 1476, it was declared that he had a homosexual connection with the after that 17-year-old version Jacopo Saltarelli. As an outcome of the investigations, because Leonardo’s dad was additionally in a decent position, no proof was discovered and the case was dismissed. Hereafter incident, Leonardo was followed for a while and encountered complaints of homosexuality for a very long time. His interest in boys was controversial in the 16th century.

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The very skilled Leonardo da Vinci can draw with one hand and create backwards with the various other. A mirror was required to read these works that he created from right to left.

A versatile individual with unbelievable knowledge and also splendid abilities, Leonardo was the first to say that the blue shade of the skies is because of the air emitting light.

He attracted the very first plans of bikes that were not utilized during that time, 300 years earlier. It is reported that he can draw best circles without utilizing a compass. In order to accomplish brand-new accomplishments in the field of anatomy, he severed criminal corpses in the evening and made illustrations as an outcome of these evaluations.

He attracted the look of the baby in the placenta so perfectly that his drawings are still used today. He declared that the moon was covered with water during his lifetime and that’s why it glowed, and also he included this idea in a few of his jobs. He also attracted several technical items such as shuttle bus, submarines, and helicopters that had actually not yet been designed during that time.

15 Most Famous Works of Leonardo da Vinci

“Every painting I drew was a question I asked in my own life.” said Leonardo da Vinci, he signed extraordinary paintings on various subjects. The 15 most famous of them are:

Mona Lisa (1503)

Currently exhibited in the Louvre Museum in Paris, this work is the most famous work of art in the world . It is visited by thousands of visitors every day and attracts great attention.

In the painting, a young woman covered with a thin tulle is the subject of the work. Preferring gloomy colors, Leonardo did not use any jewelery on the woman in the painting . Although the expressionlessness on the woman’s face draws attention, the emotions she reflects cannot be clearly understood. There is information that the drawn woman is the wife of a French merchant.

John the Baptist (1513)

The most striking detail in the work is that the index finger raised by Yahya points to the sky. It is thought that with this gesture, he foretold the coming of Jesus. Leonardo used the strange smile he reflected in the Mona Lisa in this work as well. But just like the reason Mona Lisa smiles , John’s is also a mystery.

Red Chalk Self-Portrait (1512-1515)

In this work, which depicts an old man with long hair and a beard, it is thought that this figure reflects Leonardo da Vinci. But according to some experts, this is not possible. Because the man in the painting is older than Leonardo, who died at the age of 67. It has been said that this painting, drawn with red chalk, may also depict Leonardo’s father or uncle .

La Scapigliata (1508)

La Scapigliata means “messy hair” . Leonardo reflected the woman’s messy hair in this painting. A woman with her neck bowed is depicted with light brush strokes. The drawing in this painting is Hz. Reminiscent of Mary. For this reason, it is thought to be a model for that work.

Salvator Mundi (1500)

This work, which did not make a sound at the time of its creation, was sold for 450.3 million dollars in 2017 and aroused the interest of the whole world. Hz. Jesus is depicted in the painting as Salvator Mundi.

The Last Supper (1495-1498)

Painted on the orders of Sforza, the duke of Milan, who was once his master, this work is another of Leonardo’s most famous works. The subject of the 12 Apostles standing, sitting, spreading, speaking, yawning and Hz. They are chatting around Jesus. A work that reflects different human emotions, Hz. It describes the last supper of Jesus before his crucifixion .

Vitruvian Man (Vitruvian Man) (1492)

We have already mentioned that anatomy is one of the areas that he is most interested in. In this work, the ideal human body is depicted. A naked male body with open arms and legs is in the circle.

Vitruvius theorized that the ideal human body should fit perfectly inside a circle and the surrounding circle. Leonardo transferred this theory of his to drawing. This work is currently preserved in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, Italy.

Female Womb with Fetus Inside (1510-1512)

In this drawing, he dealt with all the details of the structure of the baby in the womb. In a note, he compared human womb size to that of cows and horses in proportion.

The Woman with the Erect (1489-1491)

The female figure in this work is thought to be Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Sforza, the duke of Milan. The woman with her head turned to the right focused her eyes on a point outside the painting. Leonardo’s superior knowledge of anatomy and his ability to convey human emotions to the painting came to the fore in this work. In addition, the fact that the woman gives space to the smallest details of the ermine in her lap is a small proof of her magnificent talent.

Virgin of the Rocks (1483-1486)Mary is in the center of the painting . The baby Jesus is the baby on the left, St. John (John). All characters interact with hand, arm and eye movements. In the work, unlike the habit of sitting on the throne at that time, Meryem is seen sitting on a rocky land.

Benois Madonna (October 1478)Again, it is a work in which Mary and Jesus are interpreted. Here, unlike the others, both have halos on their heads. The carnation on the fingertips of Jesus also draws attention.

Portrait of Ginevra Benci (1474-1478)

It is the only work of Leonardo da Vinci exhibited in the Western Hemisphere. It includes some of the methods that the famous painter did not use much during his life. He used the three-quarter view method instead of the traditional drawing in the portrait . For this reason, he became the first Italian artist to paint his painting in this way. This work is currently on display at the National Gallery in Washington D.C.

Arno Valley View (1473)

The painting, where the details are not clear, depicts the Arno Valley in Florence. Combining his love of nature with the ability to observe from his uncle, Leonardo aimed to rediscover nature .

The Annunciation (Beşaret) (1472-1475)

Basaret, which means good news, good news in Arabic; This was the subject of Leonardo’s work. This work, in which the miraculous existence of Jesus is told to Mary, has an important place in the history of art.

In the table, the angel of Gabriel, Hz. Kneeling in front of Meryem, he gives her the good news. The white lilies in the angel’s hand represent the virginity and purity of Mary. This work is currently exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence .

The Baptism of Christ (1472-1475)

This work, which includes religious elements, describes the purification of Jesus, who was baptized by John the Baptist on the banks of the Jordan River. In the painting, the person on the right represents John, and the white dove on the head of Jesus represents God. On the left side, two assistant angels are seen. Leonardo da Vinci made this work together with Verrocchio.

Books Written by Leonardo da Vinci

In addition to making these unforgettable paintings, Leonardo da Vinci also wrote some books . These:

Everyone is the Center of the World

It is a work written in the field of philosophy. Written by Dante Publishing House. It is a short work of 64 pages. “There is one thing that will never lose its splendor no matter how much you get from it. Most will have a bite to eat,” the promotional bulletin states. sentences are included.

Candlelight Tales with the Butterfly

Various tales on arrogance, betrayal, conscience, humility, patience and regret have been brought together. Translated by Kemal Atakay and illustrated by Emine Bora, this work consists of 12 tales over 500 years old.