What are Self-Stunning Methods/Techniques?

Fainting, which often manifests itself involuntarily and due to health problems, is a movement that can also be caused by the individual’s own will. A person can stay unconscious for a short time using several techniques, and then his fainting can last for a long time or for a short time, depending on the technique he uses.

People who want to experience fainting for different reasons may experience fainting using several substances. In addition, it should be remembered that the substances to be used should be thoroughly investigated. Otherwise, fainting can lead to more severe consequences.

Fainting is possible with many techniques, from chloroform to breath controls. You should make sure that you have someone with you when you pass out, that someone is aware of this situation. In addition, care should be taken not to faint in places where there are hard objects. Many of the injuries and accidents occur when people’s consciousness is turned off.

K.Fainting with That Tropfen

The first of the substances that can be used to faint for a while is K.He is the Tropfen. Since the substance has a colorless structure, it is not noticeable when mixed with any beverage or food. Moreover, the fact that it does not contain a smell also facilitates its use. K, who usually plays the main role in kidnappings.For this reason, it is able to disable the brain for a while, knocking out a person in a matter of seconds. The fact that it is in the form of drops makes it possible to use it in every product. Only a few drops will be enough for fainting. It should be noted that excess has a fatal effect.

Fainting with Chloroform

Chloroform is the most commonly used stun tool of anesthetics. Chloroform, which has a chemical structure that disables drugs and the brain, is a heavy liquid. Compared to other liquids, you can easily notice its weight when you take it in your hand. A substance that does not have any color can easily evaporate. In addition, the degreasing effect is also quite a lot.

Chloroform, which has a sweet smell, produces an effect 5 times heavier than ether from the moment of its use. Chloroforms with a low concentration are used, since the drug effect is excessive and intense. Since its lethal effect is quite large, its use by non-specialists carries a vital risk. Chloroform, which lowers blood pressure, causes a person to suddenly faint.

Fainting with Diethyl Ether

Diethyl ether, popularly known as Lokman spirit, is a substance that most people dec from kidnapping scenes in movies. The substance that causes a person to lose himself or herself within 1-2 seconds and pass out is also known as ethoxyethane.

Its ether, which is clear and colorless, is very easy to use. It will be enough for a person to faint to smell the ethyl, which is dripped in a few drops on a cotton or towel. A substance that affects the blood balance and respiratory tract in a short time also makes the brain numb.

Ether, a substance that burns easily, flies and glows, is not used by adding it to food. The fact that it has anesthetic properties allows ether to be used in the medical world.

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Fainting with Zopiclone

When you want to have a fainting experience, you don’t need to do it with any dangerous substances. The sleeping pills in the medical world, which have a strong effect and are not very contrary to human nature, will help you in this regard. Zopiclone, which makes sleep feel heavy and makes you fall asleep intensively, does not only have a sleeping pill effect on some people. The drug, which causes fainting in people with a weak body and drug resistance, can last for hours, unlike short-term fainting. The drug, which has the same effects when it causes sleep, will cause a person’s consciousness to be disabled. Zopiclone, which should be thoroughly investigated before use, is one of the substances that makes it easy to faint.

Fainting With Fingers

The finger fainting technique, which has been encountered very often recently, especially in individuals who are in the process of puberty, is both dangerous and guaranteed to some extent. It is important for your health to have a person with you to faint with a finger. It is also possible that two people can organize and perform this operation, and the person can also do it alone.

The plan will help the individual pass out in 1 second and sober up soon after. First of all, the person who wants to faint should rest his back against the wall. He should bend down without breaking his knees. He should take a deep breath 10-12 times with his head down and let it go. When he comes to the last one, he should raise his head up and press his finger against the carotid artery. Fainting will occur in 1 second.

Fainting with Interference to the Rib Cage

One of the techniques by which a person will self-faint without having to use any substance to faint is possible by intervening in the rib cage. The person standing by takes a deep breath. Then he moves to the squatting position. During squatting, fast and deep breaths are exchanged 10 times. He then gets up again and closes his eyes. He also takes deep breaths and exhales 10 times while standing. Then he presses strongly with his thumb on the space where the rib cage is. He’ll pass out soon enough.