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What is an Inverted Tulip? Where Does It Grow? Properties

In Turkey, it grows normally in Tunceli, Afşin, Şırnak, Erzurum, Adıyaman and Hakkari. Worldwide, it grows in Asia nations, after Anatolia, towards the east Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan as well as Himalayas. In really winter, the leaves might freeze. However, these leaves remain to develop and also grow once more when they see the sun.

The flower of this plant, which is additionally called the weeping bride-to-be in Turkey, remains in various colors and also looks towards the ground, opposite to the tulip. The existence of different shade options adds an aesthetic appearance to the plant. Wild forms are generally orange or red. On the blossoms that face in the direction of the ground, there are petals of the plant in the form of a crown. Variety that grow in nature are a lot more common in places where animals such as mice as well as moles are found and where the soil is well aerated.

It generally has 6 blossoms on each branch. Its flowers expand in a reverse method from its formation. The height of the plant is generally 60 to 80 cm. varies between The plant, which is a sturdy types, is renowned for its upside down blossoms.

Inverted Tulip Features

What is an Inverted Tulip? Where Does It Grow? Properties

Inverted tulip, which is just one of the bulbous plants that are active in great and cold months, invests the summer period under the ground. It is leafed just from the second half of winter season to the start of summertime at the most recent. It grows just annually, in late wintertime – early springtime. The size of a blooming upside down tulip varies from 30 centimeters to 1 meter depending upon the type, climate and also dirt quality. More than one tulip-like flowers alongside on a blossom stalk are opposite.

Upside down tulips can quickly endure the cold of winter to -30 C.

How to Grow an Inverted Tulip in a Pot?

What is an Inverted Tulip? Where Does It Grow? Properties

It requires direct sunshine for hrs. The longer the place where you will certainly expand inverted tulips receives uninterrupted straight sunlight, the much better.

You ought to obtain the onions in October, at the current in November, and plant them in the ground without delay. In the yard, hoe the dirt deeply and also fertilize lightly. Hide the onions 15cm deep (however sideways). There need to be a range of at the very least 35 cm between them. If you grow them better, the leaves will certainly interfere with each various other’s air and advancement.

How to grow inverted tulip light bulbs in pots?

What is an Inverted Tulip? Where Does It Grow? Properties

Onions do not such as potted atmospheres. The threat of decaying is fantastic. Even if they do not rot, the healthy structuring needed for the next year will certainly not be possible. That’s why you need to do as I explained listed below. On top of that, there are those that advise growing the onions laterally due to the opportunity of water going into completions of the onions as well as decaying the onions under the ground. But if you prepare the soil as I defined, I do not believe there will be a trouble. So if you do what is essential, you can plant it with capitals up.

Pot deepness, that is, the size of the pot should go to the very least 30 cm. Due to the fact that you will certainly bury the light bulbs 15 centimeters deep, and also a lower deepness is called for too. Location the inverted tulip bulbs in a large pot at a distance of at the very least 25 cm from themselves and at the very least 10 centimeters from the edges of the pot.

Not every dirt appropriates for upside down tulip bulbs for pots. A combination like this is suitable:
3 components of good, clean land dirt + 3 components of peat soil + 2 components of river sand. If you blend every one of them well, a healthy and balanced mixture will certainly be soil.

1- Fill the lower fifty percent of the pot, yet somewhat much less than half, with composted soil. Make a blend of 4 parts of soil + 1 part of burned sheep manure or worm manure.

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2- Spread a 4cm elevation of non-fertilized soil on the fertilizer blend. Location the onions on it. After that fill the pot with the fertilizer-free mix once again as well as water it well by putting lots of water.

You require to maintain the pot in a cold place that is open to the north winds and also does not obtain any sunlight up until February. As soon as the first week of February is up, then move it to a lengthy sunny location. Again, you have to maintain it outdoors at all times.

Inverted tulip care

I clarified the onion planting and also dirt over. Various other maintenance job right here.


After planting the onions, water them well. Make subsequent irrigations with massive quantities of water in both winter months and also springtime, or till the leaves turn yellow, when the topsoil is totally dry to a depth of 2-3 centimeters. Water needs to be strained from the lower holes of the pot with each irrigation. Do not make use of less water. In a similar way, water the upside down tulips planted in the yard by pouring a lot of water when the top surface area of the dirt dries.

In the spring, after the blossoms of the inverted tulips bloom and also fade, the weather gets warmer. Quit watering completely when the leaves start to transform yellow. If the leaves do not turn yellow by mid-June, quit sprinkling anyway. Currently is the moment to remainder. The fallen leaves need to dry out totally.

Supplemental feeding

Actually, it’s not really required. Since you fed while growing the onions. At the end of winter months, when the leaves are well developed, sprinkle a percentage of phosphorus fertilizer on the soil surface. It’s not vital, yet it assists a great deal to obtain the onions effectively structured for next year. Don’t overdo it. Apply 4 times less than the required amount.

When the leaves dry and throughout the summer

If it is planted in the yard, do not disassemble it. If you are expanding it in pots, do not remove it once again. When the leaves are completely dry, move the pots outside to an open but full color area. Do not water until October.

When October comes

Remove inverted tulip bulbs. Get rid of the swellings. The bigger healthy and balanced light bulbs are fully grown adequate to bloom. The smaller ones will bloom the following year. As necessary, you ought to grow in separate locations. Do as I described above in the part of planting the onions. Make a brand new soil mix from the ground up for those you’ve expanded in pots. Do not reuse old soil.


You’ll see new infant bulbs when you select them up each autumn. So the reverse tulip reproduction is like that. It recreates by itself. All you need to do is take great treatment of the tiny light bulbs that will not grow and keep them growing healthy. Regardless of just how little they are, if you take great care of them, they will allow sufficient to flower in three years at the most up to date.

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