What Is Heartburn? Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

What Is Heartburn?

heartburn; It is called the burning feeling felt in the stomach and esophagus, especially after meals, in scenarios such as lying down and also flexing over. This burning sensation is typically accompanied by a bitter and acidic taste in the mouth.

When a food is consumed, it reaches the stomach through the mouth via the esophagus. In between the reduced component of the esophagus (esophagus) and also the entryway to the belly is the reduced esophageal valve.

This valve regulates the entry of food into the belly. This valve typically opens and also shuts really promptly to prevent the acid in the belly from passing into the esophagus as well as damage the esophagus.

If the valve does not work well, the acid in the tummy leaves into the esophagus and symptoms of heartburn happen. Some foods (such as tomatoes, alcohol, citrus fruits, coffee, fatty and spicy foods) can create the cover to open up a lot more slowly as well as cause tummy acid to get away as well as damage the esophagus.

What Are the Types of Heartburn?

Types of heartburn; It is separated into many different types according to the person that occurs, the moment it takes place in the person, whether it is developed with food or not, and also the going along with signs and symptoms.

One of the most typical of these types are;

What Is Heartburn? Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Heartburn in the early morning: It is heartburn that happens in the early morning, before morning meal. The factor is the secretion of gastric acid while the stomach is still empty, and also the escape of the acid into the esophagus because of staying in an existing setting during sleep.

Heartburn that happens in the evening: It is heartburn that happens in the evening, specifically after consuming a square meal. The reason is that tummy acid has trouble in digesting a square meal, as a result of which the lower esophageal shutoff opens up and also the acid runs away up.

Heartburn that occurs after dishes: When the food digestion procedure starts after meals and also acid secretion increases, acid getaway from the lower esophageal valve can be seen in the person.
Heartburn while fasting: The release of acid in a vacant tummy in a fasting individual can trigger heartburn.

Heartburn in the last months of maternity: In the last months of pregnancy, heartburn is brought on by the augmentation of the womb, which pushes the belly upwards and also opens up the reduced esophageal valve.

Heartburn that takes place after alcohol consumption: Alcohol creates heartburn both since it has a burning result externally of the esophagus and because it causes acid launch from the belly.

Constant heartburn: It is a type of heartburn that is really felt any time of the day. In these people, it should be examined whether there is a severe underlying cause of heartburn.

Heartburn triggered by anxiety: Stress and anxiety can create boosted stomach acid secretion and heartburn.

Heartburn that establishes after vomiting: The reason for heartburn that establishes as a result of throwing up is that food mixed with tummy acid irritates the esophagus as it travels through the esophagus throughout throwing up.

Heartburn brought on by drinking tea and coffee: Drinks such as tea and also coffee rise acid secretion in the belly and also cause heartburn.

Heartburn caused by consuming bitter: Eating bitter foods promotes the belly tissue. In this case, the cells secretes much more acid. Therefore, heartburn takes place.

Heartburn prior to the menstruation duration: It is a type of heartburn that takes place due to the rise in stomach acid as well as relaxation of the reduced esophageal valve as a result of the hormones that climb before the menstruation duration.

The main consider the development of these types is that the stomach acid is enhanced as well as carried to the esophagus, triggering damage in the esophagus as well as triggering the burning sign.

What Are Heartburn Symptoms?

Serious heartburn can affect the person’s health and wellness and also social life. In this situation, clients may have some issues in addition to heartburn.


Heartburn after meals, relaxing, flexing over: Acid secretion in the stomach enhances after dishes. In this instance, when the person relaxes or leans onward, the reduced esophageal shutoff relaxes and also the acid goes into the esophagus. Because of this, heartburn happens.

Nausea or vomiting: It is one of the most usual sign coming with heartburn. Excess acid in the belly of the individual might interrupt the gastrointestinal function of the tummy. In this situation, queasiness may happen.

Negative (metal) taste in the mouth: The malfunction of the lower esophageal shutoff creates the acid in the belly to move up to the esophagus, and also from there to the mouth, leaving a negative (metal) taste in the mouth.

Bloating, acid indigestion: Opening up the reduced esophageal valve causes the acid secretion in the tummy to be disrupted; because of this, it can lead to digestion problems (bloating, indigestion).

Trouble in ingesting: Progression of tummy acid right into the esophagus; creates damage to the esophagus. Because of this, when the individual eats, what they consume is stuck on the broken location. The client has trouble ingesting the bite.

Shortness of breath: The main aspect triggering burning in the belly; It is the activity of acid in the tummy right into the esophagus. The esophagus and the throat lie alongside. A damages to the esophagus also influences the trachea via its community. Therefore, the patient might experience shortness of breath.

What Creates Heartburn?

The primary element that triggers heartburn is the increase in gastric acid secretion and also the opening of the lower esophageal valve. Oftentimes and diseases, acid secretion might boost, the valve may be damaged and also not fulfill its function.

One of the most common among them are;

Gastroesophageal reflux: Gastroesophageal reflux; It is a disease caused by tummy acid refluxing into the esophagus. In this condition, along with heartburn, signs such as heartburn, shortness of breath, dry coughing, shedding in the chest location are observed. The signs of the illness are intensified by the consumption of foods such as delicious chocolate, coffee, tomatoes and also their by-products, garlic and onions, which create a boost in gastric acid secretion.

Gastritis: Gastritis; is a swelling of the cellular lining of the belly. It is an infection brought on by a bacterium called H. Pylori that triggers gastritis. This germs can stay in the acidic atmosphere of the tummy and also conceal itself for a long time. It is extremely typical in society.

Along with heartburn, individuals with gastritis might additionally experience queasiness, throwing up, bloating after meals, as well as indigestion.

If gastritis is not dealt with, it can ulcerate as well as go to the perforation of the stomach.

Substance abuse: Some drugs (particularly Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications) can create heartburn by increasing acid secretion in the tummy.

Level of sensitivity to particular foods: Individuals who are delicate to lactose, a sugar discovered in milk in lactose intolerance disease, as well as gluten-containing items in celiac condition, might experience heartburn signs as a result of taking in these foods.

Selecting tight clothing: Limited clothing trigger compression of the abdominal area, triggering the reduced esophageal shutoff to open up. Consequently, the acid in the belly gets away right into the esophagus and causes heartburn.

Uneven sleep as well as stress: Rest problems and also stress disrupt the acid release mechanism in the belly. Even if there is no food in the stomach material, it launches acid. Because of this, heartburn occurs.

Alcohol as well as cigarettes: Alcohol can cause heartburn because of its burning buildings and the launch of acid from the belly. Smoking increases tummy acid secretion as well as causes heartburn.

Diagnosing Heartburn

Heartburn is not a disease. It is the sign that goes along with the disease. Consequently, it is necessary to disclose the disease that causes heartburn. Many analysis approaches can be used for this objective. These;

History as well as Checkup

Anamnesis is the client’s expression of his grievances about his health problem. Patients typically complain of burning in the stomach and also esophagus, bitter water in the mouth, and indigestion after meals.

The doctor listens to these complaints. After that, the person questions how long these problems have existed, their partnership with food, the variables that boost or reduce them, the drugs they are utilizing and their additional conditions. He after that continues to the physical examination.

In checkup; The doctor checks if the person has bad breath, whether there is an injury or tooth decay in the mouth. In the stomach examination, the person examines whether there is any breakout or scar on the abdomen. By hand analyzes the stomach location. He may then request additional examinations.


Endoscopy; It is an imaging technique that allows the assessment of the esophagus, stomach and also duodenum with the assistance of a tube with a cam at the end. In this method, it is aimed not to really feel pain by giving some anesthetic substances to the individual.

After that, with the aid of a camera through the mouth, the inside of the esophagus, tummy as well as duodenum is envisioned. Thanks to this approach, the doctor can examine the inflammation, abscess and also various other wounds in the individual’s esophagus and belly.

Urea Breath Test

This test; It examines the visibility of a germs called Helicobacter Pylori, which causes swelling in the tummy, causing gastritis and also abscess. Helicobacter Pylori is a kind of microorganisms that can stay in belly acid and hide itself for a long time.

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It causes the formation of a chemical called urea in the region where it lies, as well as this amount of urea is talked to the urea breath test.

In the urea breath examination, the individual is first given a deep breath as well as asked to release this breath into a white tube. After that, water consisting of marked urea is provided to the person and also allowed to breathe into a blue tube 30 minutes after alcohol consumption.

If the distinction between these 2 tubes is much less than the recommendation value, the client does not have H. Pylori infection. If it is higher than the referral value, there is an H. Pylori infection as well as therapy must be used.

Heartburn Treatment

Heartburn is a searching for that is dealt with according to the underlying illness. The main function of these therapies is to minimize the acid secretion in the person as well as to improve the sign of heartburn.

If the individual has heartburn as a result of gastritis or ulcer brought on by Helicobacter Pylori bacteria; Prescription antibiotics can be used for therapy.

If the individual’s heartburn results from the use of medicines, the drug can be changed, or the dose of the drugs can be minimized.

If the patient has heartburn due to too much acid secretion, antacids (anti-acid drugs) can be used. H2 Receptor Villains or Proton Pump Preventions can likewise be used to minimize acid release.

If the people are experiencing heartburn as a result of tight garments, extreme resentment, oily or spicy food usage, anxiety, rest problems; Way of living adjustments can be made in these clients.

A solution to heartburn can be located in people by executing techniques such as regular rest, even more loose garments, evasion of extreme discomfort as well as fatty foods.

If Heartburn Is Neglected

Heartburn is a signs and symptom, not an illness. Numerous conditions, from a small poor nutrition to extremely major tummy and esophageal ulcers, can trigger heartburn. Therefore, heartburn is a symptom that requires treatment of the underlying disease.

If heartburn has actually taken place as a result of Gastroesophageal Reflux and this illness is not treated; The continuous movement of acid in the belly in the direction of the esophagus can create halitosis, heartburn, bitter water in the mouth, and esophageal cancer cells and belly cancer, which are one of the most significant complications of gastroesophageal reflux.

If heartburn has actually taken place as a result of gastritis triggered by the microorganism Helicobacter Pylori as well as this illness is not dealt with; H. pylori can cause abscess in the stomach and duodenum after a while. These abscess can bring about significant belly blood loss, gastric opening and also stomach cancer.

If heartburn is triggered by major tension and also rest disorders as well as this situation is not treated; signs such as depressive state, continuous drowsiness during the day, loss of labor force can be seen in the person.

What Is Good For Heartburn?

After the main disease triggering heartburn has been recognized, this disease ought to be dealt with.

Along with the treatment of this disease, some healthy foods that can be utilized in the home environment can likewise relieve the symptom of heartburn.


Milk: Lots of patients state that milk is good for heartburn. When individuals experience heartburn signs, they can relieve this symptom by consuming 1-2 sips of milk. However, it is advantageous for people with lactose intolerance to consume alcohol lactose-free milk.

Carbonated Water: A combination of carbonated water that can be prepared in the house can be great for heartburn. For this, 1 teaspoon of baking soft drink is contributed to 1 glass of water as well as liquified. After that this mixture is intoxicated. This mix relieves signs and symptoms by reducing the quantity of acid in the tummy.

Licorice Root Tea: This tea assists alleviate heartburn signs by minimizing belly acid secretion. It can be intoxicated after dishes.

Thyme Tea: This tea is really beneficial in people with digestive system problems (diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, gas problems in addition to heartburn). It assists manage digestion. It can be drunk after dishes.

Ginger Tea: Prepared with ginger and honey contributed to a glass of water, this tea reduces the quantity of acid in the stomach and eases the sign of heartburn.

Periodontal: Eating periodontal for about half an hour after dishes helps accelerate food digestion as well as benefits heartburn.

Fruits such as bananas and melons: Fibrous fruits such as bananas and also melons trigger much faster digestion, leading to less acid secretion as well as remedy for heartburn symptoms.

Spinach: It is stated by the patients that the consumption of spinach as raw or steamed is good for the signs of heartburn.

Mineral Water or Soda: Mineral water and also sodas help relieve the signs of heartburn by managing the quantity of acid in the stomach.

When people have digestive troubles, applications such as massaging the abdomen and going with a stroll aid ease symptoms.

If clients suffer heartburn signs and symptoms very usually, they need to not put on very tight garments, should not eat fatty foods such as pastries, breads, fried foods, and also baklava, and should avoid too much consumption of tea and coffee.

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy is a very typical signs and symptom. Hormone adjustments as well as the burden of pregnancy are the main factors in the formation of these signs.

The reason for heartburn in the initial months of maternity is typically hormonal changes. Nevertheless, if people take in exceedingly oily, zesty foods and also put on tight garments, heartburn may take place due to this.

In the later stages of pregnancy, especially in the last months, the cause of heartburn is usually due to the enlargement of the individual’s uterus, the expanding womb pushing the stomach and intestines and compressing it. This is a lot more noticeable when the person relaxes or bends over.

The treatment of heartburn in the expectant mother is just like in other adults. Firstly, the illness causing heartburn ought to be recognized and dealt with in the patient. The person should be recommended to live a life far from tension, greasy as well as bitter foods, limited clothes.

Anti-biotics, H2 receptor antagonists, proton pump preventions can be used as medicine treatment in people. The doctor and also individual should decide with each other which of these medicines to make use of.

Heartburn in Children

Heartburn in kids is additionally an usual problem. The major variable that creates heartburn in pediatric patients is the extreme consumption of prefabricated foods such as french fries, salami, sausages, as well as sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

Nonetheless, a major underlying condition (gastritis, stomach abscess, reflux) might be discovered in a youngster individual, albeit seldom.

The department that diagnoses as well as treats heartburn in pediatric people is the Division of Pediatrics. The physician examines the person in detail and may request added tests if essential.

Therapy of heartburn in pediatric individuals is made with prescription antibiotics, antacids, proton pump preventions or H2 receptor villains, depending on the underlying cause, just like in adults. The doctor and also the individual choose with each other which of these medicines to pick.

Along with the treatment of heartburn in pediatric individuals, avoidance of fatty foods as well as sauces consisting of tomato by-products and regular rest habits can be added to the therapy.

Regularly Asked Inquiries About Heartburn

What Treats Heartburn?

Recognizing the condition creating heartburn is the very first technique that can be used in the treatment of heartburn. Hereafter condition is located, medications for it must be made use of. Along with medication therapy, using foods such as milk, carbonated water, chewing gum tissue during the period of heartburn signs can alleviate these signs.

When Does Heartburn Begin During Pregnancy?

Heartburn while pregnant is a really common searching for. Heartburn, which typically begins in the 3rd month of pregnancy, can also begin in the initial days of pregnancy. In people with heartburn in the first months, hormonal adjustments generally cause the effect of acid secretion in the tummy; The enlargement of the uterus and the compression of the belly are held responsible for heartburn that takes place in the later stages of pregnancy.

Does Smoking Cigarettes Reason Heartburn?

Cigarette; It can create heartburn by affecting the acid secretion in the tummy. On top of that, cigarette smoking might cause the lower esophageal shutoff to unwind, and also as a result, the acid in the stomach might move towards the esophageal and also cause heartburn signs and symptoms. Consequently, stopping cigarette smoking must be suggested for individuals who often experience heartburn signs and symptoms.