What is Meteor Shower? How does it happen?

The image that happens in the ambience layer called the thermosphere and leaves in space with the light released by the meteors due to the rubbing of the air is called meteor shower. It is one of the most usual incident amongst the events in space and also is excitedly waited for by the onlookers when it will certainly take place.

Due to the reality that numerous celestial objects in deep space are regularly relocating, splittings up occur gradually. This event is the main reason for the meteor shower. This event, which happens in the thermosphere layer, is experienced as a result of the rubbing of heavenly bodies with the air. A light is formed by friction and the trace it leaves precede is called meteor shower.

Keys about meteor showers, one of the most interested events precede, are still being discovered. Because it is the topic that onlookers as well as scientists are most curious about, the periods in which it will certainly be lived are established. Where and just how they can be seen is likewise continuously shared.

There are certain events that trigger meteor showers. One of the most standard of these is the movement produced by the comets in the orbit of the Earth. Comets occasionally orbit the Planet, however additionally orbit the Sunlight. As long as the meteor shower that happens at these times proceeds, it raises in strength.

What is Meteor Shower?

Meteors and also different area occasions caused by meteorites have actually been discovered thanks to progressing science. Meteor showers are just one of these events and also are essential in regards to astronomy. It is a celestial occasion that we additionally called a dropping star amongst individuals.

How Does a Meteor Shower Happen?

Meteors are lots of little pieces that have been torn from objects located overhead. It is also known as a meteorite among the people. Damaging meteorites drop intoxicated of various other celestial objects in the space.

In some cases they are in the gravitational area of the ambience. When it reaches this stage, while the meteorites relocate extremely promptly precede; They leave leaving the lights. As they proceed at this speed, they experience friction with the air as well as escalation takes place. This occasion is called a meteor shower.

If it happens in the evening; It can be seen with the naked eye from Planet. This scenario is also called falling star amongst individuals. Nonetheless, meteor showers are called the lights that meteorites leave as they drop.

Meteorites that have actually reached the planet are black due to the fact that they have actually gone through a burning stage. It also has the appearance of being brightened because of the events it experienced while going through the environment.

Where Does Meteor Shower Happen?

There are layers of the atmosphere bordering the Earth. They are set up at particular ranges from each other. Meteor showers occur in the thermosphere layer, which is one of these layers. The thermosphere lies at a range of 80-640 km from the planet.

Meteor showers take place at a range of 80-110 kilometres from the Planet. Some meteorites may be very bright and luminescent, while others may be dimmer. Intense and also very luminescent meteorites are called fireballs.

Meteorite falling to any point on Earth has taken place prior to and the opportunities still continue. The kind of these meteorites that fell to the earth; are fireballs. Just a tiny portion of meteorites moving towards the planet reach the ground. The majority of the remainder is damaged down or vaporized in the environment, turning into dirt and disappearing.

According to the most recent observations, the variety of fireballs falling on the earth in a solitary year is thousands. While thousands of meteorites are seen falling in space photos; When viewed from the ground, meteorites appear to find from a solitary point in the picture.

Meteor Showers Caused by Comets

Several researchers curious about area scientific research; In addition to meteors, it likewise draws attention especially to comets. It has actually been determined by recent research that comets can also cause meteor showers. Comets have a special orbit of their own. The celebrities going on this orbit; They move on, leaving a wreck behind them.

Like comets, Earth has its very own orbit. If the orbit of the Earth as well as the orbit of any type of comet correspond at one point; debris left the comet; It is brought in by Planet’s orbit. This event is additionally a meteor shower. The constellation at the point where this rainfall comes is recognized by its name. A few of these kinds of meteor showers are: Perseids, Loenids, Germinids.

There are a few words we need to understand in order to understand these various names for meteor showers. Asteroids are rough celestial bodies precede that are smaller than a planet. They orbit typically in between Mars as well as Jupiter and are members of the Asteroid Belt. They are likewise known to be referred to as small planets.

These rocks, which originate from the depths of area, occasionally start to shed with the effect of friction in the mesosphere layer. These rocks, which crumble as an outcome of burning, sometimes posture the danger of colliding with earths since they are huge. Meteorites do not present such a risk.

Various other principles that are confused with each other are meteorite, meteor and meteorite. Meteors are meteorites that go into the atmosphere however can not reach the ground. Meteorites are specified as meteorites that not just travel through the atmosphere however get to the ground.

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One more word puzzled with meteorite is meteoroid. These are meteorites that can partly reach the ground after passing through the environment.

These heavenly bodies may also differ in their frameworks because of the fact that the locations they come from might be various. In this context, there are 3 types of meteorites. These; They are called steel, rock and also blended.

Metal meteorites contain predominantly iron, phosphorus, nickel as well as sulfur. 5 percent of the samplings found worldwide are of this kind. Rock meteorites, on the various other hand, comprise 93 percent of the samples acquired in the world. There are two kinds of this group as well as they are; chondrites as well as achondrites.

chondrites; It includes iron silicate, sodium silicate, magnesium silicate as well as calcium. Achondrites, on the other hand, are similar to the lavas of the globe. Combined meteorites, on the other hand, make up the 2 percent part including pyroxene as well as olivine.

Meteor showers, which are usually leftover objects from comets, can be seen from Planet on the exact same dates annually, as their orbits are clear.

Meteor Showers Visible From Earth

You might have listened to that meteor showers are called by various names. Meteor showers, which are called with the names of orionid, geminid, perseid and also leonid, are named after the constellation in the instructions they originate from.

Orionid Meteor Shower

Orionid is among the meteor showers that can normally be seen from Turkey. Observed annually in October, this meteor shower is just one of 2 meteor showers generated by the debris cloud from Halley’s comet.

Last observed in 1986, this comet finishes one orbit around the Sunlight in 76 years. The closest date it can be seen from Earth is 2061.

Since 23:00 Turkish time, there are 3 stars in the eastern, close to each other and clearly set up on top of each various other, referred to as the Orion belt. After locating these celebrities, when you look in the direction of their left side, a bright red celebrity shows up. This celebrity is Betelgeuse, the brightest in the constellation Orion.

The Orionids’ dispersal factor is around in the region of the star Betelgeuse. Yet meteorites radiate from this area in all instructions and also can be seen from anywhere in the skies.

Geminid Meteor Shower

Geminid, additionally called Gemini and the King of Meteor Showers, includes rock fragments left by a faint comet called 3200 Phaethon as it orbits the Sun.

Geminids have actually been recognized as one of the most effective meteor showers yearly. This is due to the fact that specific meteorites are bright. On top of that, the height is that we can see the meteor circulation overhead at a high rate of 120 meteors per hr.

On an adequately dark evening as well as a clear sky, at precisely twelve o’clock at night, an average of 50 capturing celebrities will be seen per hour. According to the documents; the most 200 Geminid meteorites have been seen.

Perseid Meteor Shower

It is known that astronomers claim that of one of the most stunning meteor showers is the Perseids. This meteor shower, whose image modifications each year, is also called the Perse Meteorite Rain.

Perseid meteor showers are the remnants of the comet Swift-Tuttle, which passed close to Earth in 1992. The reality that these stones leave a trace in the environment and also come to be ashes is known as a capturing celebrity amongst the people.

It is a kind of meteor shower that can be observed yearly since it enters the cloud formed by the material left behind by Earth’s Comet Swift-Tuttle. It is called Perseid since it is observed from the region of the Constellation Perseus.

Leonid Meteor Shower

The Leonid Meteor Shower, which is formed by the dirt and also particles left after comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, is taken into consideration amongst the fastest meteorites by NASA, the American Aerospace Administration. According to this; When the meteor shower reaches its height, 10 to 15 meteors can be seen per hour.

Uncovered in 1865, comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle completes one complete orbit of the Sun in 33 Earth years. It is understood that the day when Leonids can be observed most plainly is 2034.


The light discharged by meteorites due to the rubbing of the air, which happens in the layer of the ambience called the Thermosphere, and the picture that this light leaves precede is called meteor shower. Meteor showers are just one of one of the most typical events in space. The major factor for the meteor shower is that numerous celestial spheres in deep space remain in consistent motion as well as are divided by breaking short in time.