What Is Sage? How to use? Benefits, Harms

Sage, which is a bitter and also bitter plant, is gathered in May and June. In order to benefit efficiently, it must be accumulated especially during this duration. It is from the Ballıbabagiller family members and is amongst one of the most eaten medicinal plants. You should look into our post to find out about the many advantages of sage.

Sage (Salvia officinalis), which has a really crucial location among medicinal plants, is an extremely valuable and widely taken in plant. It is a plant varieties that has actually been utilized for several years both as food as well as in terms of health benefits. The dried fallen leaves of sage, which has a soft as well as pleasant taste, can be used throughout the year. Once again, these leaves can be consumed in powdered type by grinding.

Sage, which has a history of countless years, is expanded in all countries with a shore to the Mediterranean. Sage, which was first utilized in the background of Old Greece as well as Rome, was used to increase the resilience of meat without spoiling back then. Besides this, sage has had several uses in background.

It was utilized as an elixir of everlasting life in the Arabian Peninsula, and in Europe in the 14th century for security from spells. At a time when sage was so important, it remained in a lot need that the Chinese agreed to provide Dutch seller ships 3 boxes of black tea rather than one box of sage. Today, it is amongst one of the most taken in medicinal organic teas.

What Is Sage?

Sage is a fragrant and also medical plant coming from the Lamiaceae (Ballıbabagiller) household, developing the category Salvia. It is mostly expanded in the Mediterranean region in our nation. Its fallen leaves are sharp and grayish environment-friendly in color. It has a soft and pleasant taste. They release a bitter and also pungent smell. The elevation of the plant varies between 30-70 centimeters.

The seeds are dark brown and also egg-shaped. It is a self-reproducing plant, generally with its seed. It contains compounds such as sage crucial oils (cineol, borneol, pinene), tannin, glycoside, material, fumaric acid, irsol acid, flavone, asparagine, oleanol acid. Since they are really sensitive to chilly, it ought to be guaranteed that the trees are covered with branches throughout the cold weather.

The fallen leaves of the plant are accumulated at noontime when energetic compounds such as necessary oils reach their height. The drying out process needs to be in a shaded as well as ventilated area. Sage collection is carried out in May and also June. These months are the most excellent time considering that the plant synchronizes prior to blooming as well as after the formation of important oils.

It is understood that there are greater than 5 thousand species of the plant, which is abundant in necessary oils. Although it grows quickly in virtually any type of environment, it is generally more common in the Middle East and also Mediterranean countries. The most typical usage remains in the kind of tea.

However apart from that, it is additionally dried out as well as used as scent. It blooms in purple, light lilac and pink colors. When we look at the historical resources, we come across the information that it was made use of as an icon of luck in the Center Ages. Considering that ancient times, people have used sage; They used it for the therapy of colds, looseness of the bowels, pain, digestive system as well as psychological troubles.

It is recognized to be very helpful particularly in hot flashes and irritation during menopause. The main purpose of use of this plant is to prevent the occurrence of conditions or to support the treatment, instead of supplying a clear-cut treatment against diseases.

Consequently, a person who consumes alcohol just sage needs to not think that all their discomfort will certainly vanish at the same time. This medical plant, also called a folk medicine in Mediterranean countries, is likewise very practical in eliminating mouth sores.

How to Use (Prepare) Sage?

Sage is normally eaten as dried in addition to fresh. One of the most essential point to take into consideration when preparing tea is that the plant needs to not be steamed with water. To prepare a cup of tea, put boiled water on a couple of sage leaves, wait on 5-10 minutes as well as drink it.

An additional method is to shut off the stove after the water boils, or turn it to an extremely reduced temperature level as well as wait on the sage delegates infuse for 10 mins. It is recommended to eat with honey and also lemon instead of sugar after stressing.

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Sage is likewise used to offer taste as well as smell to recipes. It is particularly favored for frying the meat of animals such as duck, hen, goose, to add flavor. Sage is a very liked natural herb in french fries, relaxing meat, and also in brine. Once more, those that intend to cook an oven dish can take advantage of both the healing buildings and also scent of sage by doing this.

What are the Benefits of Sage?

All of the medicinal plants that nature offers us have a different benefit. As Bilgihanem.com, we will try to convey and introduce them to you as much as possible. However, in order to fully benefit from these medicinal plants, it is necessary to collect them at the right time and use them correctly. Here are some of the countless benefits of sage, which you can collect from herbalists or from nature by your own means;

  • It reduces stress and calms.
  • It facilitates digestion, relieves indigestion.
  • It is good for menstrual irregularities and excessive menstrual cramps.
  • Since it has an antifungal effect, it has a therapeutic effect against skin fungi that occur in the body.
  • It helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
  • Relieves nerve-related headaches.
  • It relieves sore throat.
  • It is expectorant.
  • It cuts the cough.
  • It improves brain functions.
  • It cleans the liver.
  • It activates the gallbladder.
  • Relieves pain caused by menopause.
  • It is useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
  • It is good for mouth sores.
  • It strengthens memory.
  • It prevents excessive sweating.
  • It is preventive against Alzheimer’s. Click here to learn about other ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It is good for inflammatory diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis).
  • It is used for hair care, delays whitening.
  • It strengthens the bones.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • In cases of migraine and headache, a cloth dipped in warm sage relieves the pain if placed on the forehead.
  • It reduces the risk of heart attack.

What Are the Side Effects of Sage?

For people who do not have any discomfort, sage needs to not be eaten more than 1-2 mugs each day under typical conditions. In addition, it is recommended not to utilize by individuals with hypertension, expectant and lactating women, as well as epileptic individuals.

It is stated to lower sex-related power in guys as well as raise it in females. In situation of excessive consumption, the thujone and also camphor components in it can trigger poisonous results. If it is utilized everyday, this period should not surpass 2 weeks.

It is obligatory for someone that drinks 1-2 glasses of sage a day for 2 weeks to relax for 10-15 days. In addition to all these, if you have a well-known disease, you should definitely consult your medical professional beforehand.

Even though there are many looks into on this type of medical plants, there are still some concerns that have not been responded to. Consequently, it is one of the most eastern method for healthy and balanced individuals to consume without mosting likely to extremes, as well as for those that have any illness after seeking advice from a medical professional. Nevertheless, aside from these, it would certainly be suitable not to eat it in the cases listed here:

  • Expecting as well as breast feeding ladies need to not consume it, as it boosts the uterine muscles.
  • Not appropriate for children under 6 years old.
  • More than 2-3 mugs a day can create blood pressure to raise way too much.
  • Cancer cells individuals should not use it or eat it if appropriate after asking their medical professional.