What is Earthquake? How is it formed? What are the types?

Halk arasında deprem olarak da adlandırılan deprem, yerkabuğunda beklenmeyen bir içme olayıdır. Bu sarsıntının boyutu, yer altındaki sismik hareketlerin boyutuna bağlı olarak zeminde bir çatlak şeklinde kendini gösterir. Hayatı olumsuz etkileyen doğal afetlerden sadece biri olan deprem hakkında anlamadığınız noktaları yazımızda baştan sona okuyabilirsiniz.

Dünyanın her yerinde sel, tayfun, heyelan (heyelan) ve deprem gibi birçok doğal afet vardır. Ancak önemli can ve mal kayıplarına neden olan bu doğal afetlerin önüne geçmek mümkün değildir. Ancak alınan önlemlerle hasarın azaltılmasına çalışılıyor. Bu tamamen doğal afetlerden biri de depremler olarak da adlandırılan depremlerdir. Dünyanın gelişimi göz önüne alındığında, depremler jeolojik fay üzerinde ve aynı zamanda sismik olarak enerjik konumda meydana gelmiştir.

Çeşitli şiddetlerde depremler, bazı durumlarda aşırı hafif titreme türünde ve bazen de devasa tsunamiler yaratmaya yetecek kadar ciddidir. Dünya yüzeyinin yakınında gerçekten sağlam bir deprem meydana geldiyse, bu tsunami volkanik faaliyetler ve toprak kaymaları gibi birçok doğal olayı da harekete geçirebilir.

Several large as well as tiny earthquakes take place in our country, which is amongst one of the most effective earthquake areas in the world. In the excellent earthquakes experienced in the past, a serious variety of lives and also property were shed, and also numerous places became uninhabitable. Lessons ought to be learned from these earthquakes and required safety measures need to be taken.

What is Earthquake?

Quake is the representation of the vibration triggered by the cracks in the planet’s crust to the earth by spreading out in waves. As these waves spread out, they influence every location they pass and reach, triggering damage. To put it simply, it is the phenomenon of the soil, which we take to be inert, stepping on it with self-confidence and making our houses, relocating and damaging whatever on it. Throughout a quake, residences and structures collapse, death as well as injuries may happen. The branch of science that studies earthquakes is called seismology. Seismology is the science that studies just how an earthquake happens, from which instructions to which instructions the earthquake waves move in the earth’s crust, and the intensity and also level of the shaking.

How Does an Earthquake Occur?

The majority of quakes occur in the flexible component of the planet, which reaches a deepness of 12 kilometres. Listed below this component, there is no ground activity since the temperature mores than 400 levels. In the top component, which is elastic, there is a gliding activity of a couple of cm each year. These tiny activities gather over years, and also when they end up being huge, they lead to huge shifts of a number of meters. This is mirrored to us as a ground trembling occasion that we call earthquake in the world.

Earthquakes occur on cracks called mistakes in the planet’s crust. Faults are structures formed by breakable rocks subjected to high pressure as well as stress as well as damaged. These stresses can be in different components of the planet. Quakes, on the various other hand, are ground activities that happen when the tension in a rocky area rises to such an extent that it causes an abrupt activity. When these stresses are launched, a huge amount of power is launched. Earthquakes take place as an outcome of the resonance of the energy produced on the bordering rocks.

What are Earthquake Types?

Earthquakes are split right into different types according to their causes. The result they create also varies within themselves. There can not be a guideline that every earthquake type will occur in every region. Due to the fact that, as we discussed below, the geological framework of the location is also the component of natural calamities because region.

Tectonic Earthquakes

90% of quakes in the world are tectonic quakes. It is a kind of earthquake that occurs as an outcome of the stress applied to each various other as well as the motion of home plates that compose the planet’s crust. A lot of the quakes in Turkey are in the tectonic quake team.

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Volcanic Quakes

Earthquakes brought on by volcanic eruptions. When the liquid including flammable solid and also gas masses, which we call lava, wants to climb to the planet, a gas compression happens due to the activity of the lava. These gas compressions trigger volcanic eruptions. A few of the quakes in Japan and also Italy are volcanic earthquakes. Given that there is no energetic volcano in Turkey, such earthquakes are not seen.

Depression Earthquakes

Such earthquakes are quakes that occur as a result of the melting, softening or collapse of the dirt in the ceilings of deep spaces formed under the ground. Excavations in mines have an adverse result on the formation of collapse quakes. Furthermore, broke down earthquakes may happen when a fault line is come across and the dirt falls down while dams are being built. Given that the location of feeling of such earthquakes is neighborhood, their powers as well as results are much less than various other kinds.

Tidal wave

An earthquake is a type of earthquake that is under the sea and also occurs in the sea. In the sea where the earthquake occurred, the waves move towards the shore and get to such fantastic measurements that they damage all your houses and also buildings on the shore. These huge waves are called tidal waves. In 1896, 30,000 people passed away in the tidal wave in Japan, the nation where sea quakes are most typical.

What to Do During and After an Earthquake

After giving basic information about the causes as well as types of earthquakes, allow’s concern what requires to be performed in the occasion of an earthquake. For something, we must accept that a quake is an unpreventable scenario. This recognition will certainly lead us to learn what to do in case of an earthquake and also to take all essential preventative measures.

The very first thing to do during a quake is to stay tranquil. Do not attempt to jump out of the porch, window or diminish the stairways with that panic, do not use the lift. If it is a light earthquake, you may be hurt throughout this getaway with your own mistake. You have heard this situation often current in every earthquake occasion.

After offering basic info about the causes and also types of quakes, let’s pertain to what needs to be done in the occasion of an earthquake. For one thing, we must accept that a quake is an inevitable scenario. This recognition will certainly lead us to learn what to do in case of a quake as well as to take all required precautions.

The first point to do throughout a quake is to remain tranquil. Do not try to jump out of the balcony, home window or run down the staircases keeping that panic, do not make use of the elevator. If it is a light earthquake, you may be wounded during this retreat through your own fault. You have heard this circumstance frequently in the news in every quake event.


We have actually all experienced a quake at some point in our lives. Some experience this with heavy losses, some only witness minor tremblings. Nevertheless, also the name of the earthquake suffices to scare individuals.