What is Nail Thickening? Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Although nail thickening can happen on the feet for different reasons, it can also occur on the hands. In the treatment, first of all, the illness creating this problem ought to be disclosed and treatment ought to be done.

What is Toenail Enlarging?

Toenail thickening can take place for a selection of factors. Although thickening of the toenails is usually seen, thickening of the finger nails can additionally occur. Along with this thickening, symptoms such as form adjustments such as curling of the nails, lightening, yellowing, smudging, separation of the nail from the nail bed, pain may occur relying on the reason.

Toenail enlarging primarily happens in the elderly. Although aging boosts the risk of enlarging, enlarging can be seen regularly at very early ages because of some illness seen in youngsters. Occasionally, relying on the person’s very own attributes, some enlarging of the nail might take place without a details condition. These conditions are not transmittable as well as present no certain problems. Nonetheless, thickening because of infectious illness such as fungi is an infectious condition.

What Reasons Nail Thickening?

What is Nail Thickening? Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

There are various causes of nail thickening. Sources of nail enlarging need to be diagnosed by a medical professional and also dealt with as necessary. Feasible reasons for nail thickening can be listed as follows:

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are among the most typical problems that create nail adjustments in society and also create nail thickening. Mainly, the toe nails are affected by fungal infections. Fungal infections that establish in the nails are called onychomycosis.

The reason that fungal infections usually happen on nails is that fungis like a cozy and damp environment. Fungis that develop on moist feet by staying in shut settings such as footwear as well as socks can easily expand and also spread. Therefore, in order to avoid fungal infections, it is required to avoid walking barefoot in dangerous locations such as storage locker spaces as well as public showers as long as possible.

Some individuals might be more prone to fungal infections than others. As necessary, the conditions that increase the danger of nail fungus can be noted as follows:

  • Traumas on the toenail
  • Constant direct exposure to wet locations
  • To smoke
  • Putting on tight, non-ventilated footwear
  • Deteriorating of the immune system
  • Various other diseases such as psoriasis, blood circulation troubles, and kind 1, 2 diabetes


Thickening of the toe nails can occur as an outcome of sudden, serious or repeated injury. Although this problem is primarily seen in individuals that are involved in sporting activities or workout, such as football players, joggers and also dancers, it likewise takes place in individuals who constantly shock nails and also fingers by not using ideal shoes. Nail thickening due to these traumas can often be confused with fungal infections.

Yellow Nail Syndrome

In a rarer condition called yellow nail syndrome, thickening as well as yellowing of nails takes place on both hands as well as feet. In addition to this yellowing as well as thickening, shape adjustments such as curling of the nail can additionally be observed.

In many cases, people with yellow nail syndrome might experience fluid accumulation in locations such as the lungs as well as limbs, resulting in trouble in breathing as well as swelling in the legs. Although the exact root cause of this syndrome is not recognized, the most commonly thought sight is genetic predispositions.


Psoriasis is an illness usually characterized by red and scaly breakouts on the skin. The cause of psoriasis is problems in the job of the immune system. These skin findings in psoriasis are usually accompanied by irregularities and also enlarging of both fingernails and also toe nails.

Along with toenail thickening in psoriasis, nail shape adjustments, the formation of some protrusions as well as anxieties, and the softening of the nail from the nail bed might likewise take place.


Paronychia is a problem in which inflammation and swelling take place as a result of infection around the nail. Particularly in untreated and long-lasting cases of paronychia, enlarging of the fingernails and also toenails might occur in time. People who have had paronychia might notice that certain surfaces of the nail begin to peel off and break after a specific period of time.

Transmittable agents existing in paronychia usually trigger infection after finger sucking as well as cutting the follicles. The causative microorganisms are generally bacteria located in the mouth area. Cutting the follicles likewise creates trauma in that location, making the location around the nail much more susceptible to infection. Furthermore, dishwashing machines, bartenders, cleaners, cooks, nurses are a little extra in danger for paronychia.


When it comes to aging, thickening might happen in some people, especially in the toe nails. It is believed that the reason for this is that the nails are harder to restore in seniority than in younger ages.

Nail thickening that happens as an outcome of aging is not normally a problem to be dealt with. Because it doesn’t cause much of an issue. However, some cosmetic treatments such as polishing can be applied to boost the look a little.

In addition to these, there are likewise problems that cause nail enlarging a lot more hardly ever. These can be detailed as complies with:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Acromegaly
  • Darier’s disease
  • Pityriasis rubra pilaris

Medical Diagnosis of Toenail Enlarging

Diagnosis of nail enlarging can be conveniently made by taking the case history as well as physical examination. Nonetheless, the essential point is to disclose the situation that triggers this nail thickening. For this, the physician can use special tests for the presumed situation.

In diagnosing causes of nail thickening, such as fungal infections, the medical professional suspects fungal infections from the look of the nail. Then the physician takes a sample from the nail in order to make a clear-cut medical diagnosis as well as this example is examined busy. In psoriasis, there are generally additional skin sores as well as nail thickening. In the diagnosis of this illness, samples are taken from the existing sores similarly. These examples are after that analyzed and detected by pathologists.

Paronychia infections are generally easily diagnosed by the look of the nail and also its side. On top of that, the existence of problems such as discomfort on touch, boosted temperature, and inflammation in the checkup carried out by the doctor triggers the uncertainty of infection. In addition to this, an example can be drawn from the sore as well as checked out busy in order to do the therapy in one of the most accurate way and also to identify the bacterium triggering the problem.

Toenail Thickening Treatment

What is Nail Thickening? Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

In the treatment of nail enlarging, the condition causing this condition should be disclosed first. After that, particular therapies are applied to them. There are various approaches for the therapy of thickening as a result of nail fungus. For this, there are some approaches that can be done at home besides the drugs that the doctor will recommend. These can be noted as follows:

  • Cleaning the afflicted location with soap as well as water daily
  • Consistently filing nails as well as using lotions such as urea cream
  • Applying some emollient lotions, such as tea tree oil, on the nails and feet
  • Medications as well as methods suggested and also recommended by the physician for nail fungi and enlarging can be noted as complies with:
  • Creams for fungal infection
  • Oral medications for fungal infection
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Laser treatments

Toenail elimination in advanced nail conditions

Applications for the treatment of fungi in nails can use up to a number of months. It is possible to have a fungal infection once more after nail fungus treatment. In order to avoid this, it is needed to wash the feet frequently, maintain them moist, not ventilate, as well as stay clear of scenarios such as strolling barefoot in public locations.

There is no therapy that can totally eliminate psoriasis. Therapy is normally intended to manage the signs of psoriasis. Psoriasis therapies are normally divided right into 3 different locations:

Topical therapies: Topical therapies are finished with creams applied directly to the skin or nails. These therapies are generally put on manage mild to modest psoriasis. Topical treatments for psoriasis consist of:

  • Topical steroids
  • Topical retinoids
  • Anthralin
  • Vitamin D analogs
  • Salicylic acid
  • Humidifiers

Systemic medications: Systemic medicines are primarily made use of to deal with moderate or extreme problems as well as if do not reply to other therapies. Although they can be efficient medications, temporary use these medications is liked as a result of their feasible side effects:

  • Methotrexate
  • Cyclosporine
  • Biological representatives
  • Retinoids

Treatment for paronychia differs depending on the seriousness of the condition and the duration of the infection. In moderate, intense situations of paronychia, the influenced finger ought to be submersed in cozy water 3 or 4 times a day. Cases that do not reply to such first treatments ought to be dealt with under the guidance of a physician.

When a microbial infection creates severe paronychia, the physician might recommend an antibiotic such as dicloxacillin or clindamycin. When the reason is a fungal infection, antifungal medicines are recommended. Although lotion kinds are mostly chosen in the treatment of severe cases, in chronic, that is, long-term as well as severe situations, treatments with pill type can additionally be used.

Abscess development at the infection site is additionally an expected circumstance in paronychia. If an abscess occurs, this area ought to be left. For this, that location is initial anesthetized and after that cleared by making a tiny cut. Failure to empty the abscess even decreases the impact of the drugs applied.

What Takes Place If Toenail Enlarging Is Not Treated?

If nail thickening is not dealt with in reasonably straightforward causes, major problems do not happen. Nonetheless, there is a risk of additional problems in instances where there are additional symptoms and also intensifying. As the enlarging progresses, it will certainly cause the individual to have problem consisting of using footwear, triggering interruption in their daily work. On top of that, when extra problems such as psoriasis and also fungal infection are not treated, added issues may occur in different parts of the body.

Nail Coagulation in Children

Toenail thickening can occur in infants, equally as in grownups. The root cause of this enlarging is normally nail fungi in babies. Toenail fungi in children generally happens as a result of reducing the baby’s nails with nail clippers used by people with fungus at home. Enhancing the moisture with scenarios such as the child licking his fingers also boosts the threat of fungi development. On top of that, the immune system of babies is somewhat weak than adults, which allows the infection to clear up conveniently. Feasible sources of nail fungus in babies can be detailed as adheres to:

1-) Thickening of the nail

2-) Yellowing of nails

3-) Shape change in the nail

4-) Bad smell in the nail and foot location

5-) Irritation

6-) Splitting up as well as divides in the nails

Nail fungi in infants can be treated as in grownups. Nevertheless, the type and doses of the drugs used are readjusted according to the babies. Also, the duration might differ. During this process, conditions such as moistening as well as discharge in the nails might likewise require to be cleaned.

Which Physician to head to for Nail Enlarging?

In instance of thickening of the nails, the department to head to is dermatology. The physician will certainly detect the person and also carry out the therapy. A doctor must be sought advice from when a thickening, shade modification or defect is seen on the nail. Because often nail enlarging assists to expose as well as identify existing conditions. Consequently, it is very important to speak with a medical professional in thickenings of unknown beginning.

Frequently Asked Concerns About Toenail Enlarging

Exactly how to cut a thickened nail?

While it is possible to reduce a little thickened nails typically, special techniques may be required for cutting exceptionally thickened nails. Normally, the thickened nail is thinned by experts. After that, reducing is performed with some special tools called nail clippers.

Just how to avoid nail thickening?

In order to avoid nail thickening, risk aspects should be recognized and also problems that may trigger enlarging ought to be recognized. There is very little that can be provided for thickening due to aging and individual attributes. Nonetheless, there are scenarios that can be done for common sources of enlarging, such as fungal infections. To start with, the feet need to not be maintained wet and also wet regularly. In addition to this, it is not necessary to stroll barefoot in locations such as washrooms and Turkish baths.