What is Silkworm? What are the features?

İpekböcekleri, çalkalanan dut yapraklarını bırakan ve birkaç gün içinde ölen hayvanlardır. Kelebeklerin tırtılları olan bu canlıların larvaları yeterince genişledikten sonra kozalarını örmeye başlarlar. Bu kozalar çok önemli bir kumaş parçası olan ipek üretiminde kullanılmaktadır. Yazımızda ipekböceği yetiştiriciliği hakkında bilgi vermeye çalıştık.

İpekböceği ailesi ipekböceği ailesidir. İpekböcekleri, hayvan gibi düşen dut yapraklarını yerler. Bir tür gece kelebeği olarak adlandırılabilir. Tırtıllar ipek kozalarının yanı sıra dut düşen yaprakları da yerler. Yaklaşık 800 metre uzunluğundaki ipek iplikten bir koza dokunur. İpekböceklerinin ömrü iki aydır. Onlar sadece evcilleştirilmiş tipler olarak adlandırılır. Lepidoptera takımından ipekböceği, kelebeğin tırtılıdır. Bu kelebeğin tırtıl dut yaprağı yer ve ipekten bir koza yapar.

Butterflies have soft feathers, plump bodies as well as light lotion colour. Given that they are fed as family pets, the butterfly comes to be incapable to fly over time. A female butterfly lays about 200-300 eggs. Eggs can be kept in the refrigerator in package. With the rise in temperature level, the eggs begin to develop and 3 mm lengthy caterpillars emerge within 8-10 days.

What is Silkworm?

Silkworm; It can be defined as a sort of butterfly caterpillar from the class of insects with flaky wings, which preys on mulberry fallen leaves, gotten silk from the cocoons it weaves. The silkworm is a butterfly whose fibers it produces to weave its own cocoon are very useful. Silkworm larvae, which are in the kind of caterpillars, feed on mulberry fallen leaves and trap themselves inside their cocoons made of silk fibers after they grow. It takes roughly 3 to four days for this cocoon to be rotated. The silk gotten from these cocoons is one of the most essential and also best thread that can be produced. Scientists also say that if this secret regarding sturdiness is comprehended, there may be very crucial growths in medication, aside from extremely sturdy clothes and also sports tools.

What are the characteristics of the silkworm?

Where is Silkworm Raised?

Silkworm was first begun to be fed in China. The Chinese, that began to reproduce the first silkworm, maintained it a key for many years exactly how their silk weaving was.

Silkworms are the larvae of an Asian moth that weave a cocoon of fine, strong, glossy fiber that is the resource of silk. Silkworm farming has come to be a vital financial location in our country, apart from China, Brazil, France, India, Japan and also Italy. If you are thinking of elevating silkworms, all the details you are curious about remain in this short article!

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How is Silkworm Raised?

Incubation is the first and essential part of silkworm reproduction. 20,000 silkworm eggs, the dimension of the head of a pin, consider approximately 11-13 grams. If blunders are made during the incubation duration of silkworms, silkworms will be weak, resistant to diseases and in tiny amounts. One week before the start of the incubation period, the cleaning of the incubation area ought to be finished. Likewise, given that a specific temperature level is required, there need to be a heater in the space and these heating units ought to be at least 2 meters far from the seeds.

A few of one of the most important elements to be considered in the incubation area are; Heating units that can produce hazardous gas must not be used, there should be no odorous substances such as recently painted goods or medication boxes. Considering that silkworm seeds have a really delicate structure, smoking should not be enabled where they are. During the incubation period, the temperature level of the space ought to be 25-26 degrees and also the moisture need to be around 75-76%. Typical daytime suffices during the incubation duration, yet the seeds need 18 hours of light from the minute they begin to alter their shade.