What is Stinging Nettle? How to use? Benefits, Harms

Stinging nettle is a herb that dates back to ancient times and has been used medicinally since the day it was first discovered. Although we often hear its name for its benefits to hair, it actually has much more benefits to our health.

Stinging nettle, whose benefits have not been studied for centuries, has many beneficial properties for our body, especially providing access to healthy hair. Stinging nettle is known among the people for its pain and itching when touched. But this weed that burns when touched is very beneficial for health. The reason why it is called nettle is because it hurts in the form of a bite, creates redness and itches. Nettle, which can be grown in almost every soil, is grown everywhere in our country.

It is a plant that lasts for many years and can be collected in spring – summer. It is known that it has been used in various treatments since ancient times. Creams and shampoos are often seen today. Nettle, which has many health benefits, has not had any side effects in most people, but those who use drugs should be careful when consuming many herbs and should consult their doctor while consuming stinging nettle.

Both the plant itself and the seeds contain beneficial substances separately. When consumed in moderation, you can benefit from the positive aspects of stinging nettle with various uses without being subject to side effects. Although it has been used since the ancient times of human history, it is still one of the most popular plants of alternative medicine, which is still being researched even today. In order to get to know this miraculous plant better, we have prepared this article for you, which includes its benefits, how it is used and its harms.

What is Stinging Nettle?

What is Stinging Nettle? How to use? Benefits, Harms

Nettle, recognized medically as Urtica membranacea, is a plant from the Nettle family members. It grows in between May and August. The body components are upright and in the type of four edges. Fallen leave parts are oblong in shape, dark eco-friendly in shade as well as glossy. The leaves are completely covered with shedding hairs. Its fruits are brown in color and nut-like. In its seeds, there is oil that can be used in several areas.

You can see this plant, which has an elevation of 20 – 100 cm, on the roadsides, on the edges of the areas or at the bottom of the wall surfaces. It is an annual, monoecious plant. It grows virtually everywhere in Anatolia, in its plumes that cover its whole surface area and also leave a burning experience when touched; It includes formic acid, acetylcholine, iron and also vitamin C.

How to Use Stinging Nettle?

Stinging nettle has different usages. To gain from this medical plant, you can utilize its fallen leaves, stem and seeds separately. You can use this plant, which is mainly taken in by making tea amongst the people, in the form of cream or in the kind of different appeal masks. You can make use of painful nettle in the following means;

  • Use as tea: 1 teaspoon of nettle plant or origin of the plant is included in 150 ml of water and steamed for 5 mins. It is then filteringed system and also drunk warm. You can drain to 2-3 mugs a day, but you need to brew it fresh each time.
  • Use in the restroom: The roots of 1 kilo of nettle are cleaned and boiled in 2 litres of water. After that it is delegated instill for 15 minutes. The grains are filteringed system as well as the hair or body can be washed with the water acquired. Or you can obtain the very same mixture by adding 200 grams of nettle to a liter of water. If you apply it to your scalp every 2 days, you can prevent troubles such as dandruff and losing, and also at the same time, you can make certain that your hair grows in a healthy method.
  • Various other uses: Using it by rinsing revitalizes the breath and also prepared as a poultice, stinging nettle is especially reliable in the treatment of ingrown hairs in the coccyx.

What are the Benefits of Stinging Nettle?

There is no clear info about the history of stinging nettle in the world, however it is known that it was utilized with different techniques in the European continent in the Middle Ages for treatment functions. In the past, it was made use of as a tea, as a lotion and also by taking advantage of its fallen leaves, as it is today. We can summarize one of the most known advantages of stinging nettle as follows;

  • By impacting the kidneys; It is a natural herb that acts upon the removal of pee. To take advantage of this effect, it should be taken in as a tea.
  • Nettle contains a high quantity of iron in it. Consequently, it is utilized as an accessory treatment in the therapy of anemia.
  • It aids to clean the digestion system and also body organs from unsafe toxins. It removes damaging materials from the body through sweating by creating edema. It is particularly efficient in cleaning the liver and also kidneys.
  • It is a plant utilized as an assistance for medicine treatment in the therapy of infections that are frequently seen in the urinary system tract. It facilitates peeing as well as helps to remove microorganisms.
  • It enhances the immune system, making it a lot more resistant to infections. It avoids capturing simple illness such as influenza, cool as well as flu.
  • It is an essential source of potassium. Potassium is an extremely essential mineral in managing the functions of cells and also organs. When supplemented on a regular basis to the body, it lowers the threat of cardiac arrest and stroke.
  • It is good for muscle, bone and also joint discomfort. It is especially recommended for rheumatoid joint inflammation people to utilize it to sustain therapy.
  • Those that struggle with serious discomfort throughout the menstruation duration will certainly see that their discomfort will be substantially minimized if they consume alcohol a glass of nettle tea daily.
  • It is good for respiratory diseases such as asthma, respiratory disease, influenza, influenza, chilly, sensitive respiratory disease, nasal congestion and also cough.
  • It reduces the risk of prostate cancer as it protects against prostate augmentation.
  • It is advised to consume a few tablespoons of nettle juice a day for gout clients, which is caused by too much protein build-up in the body. They can proceed this treatment for 4 or 6 weeks, offered that they obtain approval from their medical professional.
  • It enhances the production of red blood cells.
  • It provides cell regrowth.
  • It prevents loss of hair and also supplies you with healthy hair. Because of this, its usage in the cosmetic industry has actually enhanced over the last few years. It offers luster to the hair, stops the development of dandruff, protects against damage as well as permits it to grow swiftly. Put 200 grams of painful nettle in a litre of water as well as steam it really bit. Apply this mix by massaging your scalp every 2 days. When you do it routinely, you will absolutely observe the adjustment in your hair.Painful nettle likewise has terrific advantages for the skin. Removes acne as well as pimples as it has an antioxidant result. It is good for skin diseases such as eczema. It speeds up the recovery of marks and slows down the effects of aging.
  • We can not claim that it is feasible to drop weight by alcohol consumption nettle tea alone, but it can add to the speed of weight reduction if it is intoxicated while complying with a diet plan, as it has edema-reducing residential properties. Considering that it additionally has diuretic properties, it minimizes the swelling in the abdomen, which especially ladies complain about.
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What are the Side Effects of Stinging Nettle?

What is Stinging Nettle? How to use? Benefits, Harms

Although it is an extremely valuable plant, some adverse effects can be seen when made use of excessively or when individuals are more sensitive. All plants must be eaten knowingly and also if there is an illness or drug use; specialist needs to be gotten in touch with.

Based on the statements of the individuals; Occasionally, impacts such as stomach pain, diarrhea, sweating, skin rash as well as allergies can be seen. Stinging nettle plasters or juice should not be used on open wounds. During the menstrual duration, as it is feasible to alter the processes; It must not be made use of throughout these periods and ladies who want to conceive.

Conclusion: Nettle, which has actually been made use of because old times, has various benefits, specifically avoiding hair loss. We have actually shared the usage patterns with you above. You can additionally benefit from this natural herb if eaten properly.