Biotechnology Benefits and Harms

What is Biotechnology

Biotechnology takes place when changes in plants, animals and microbes, as parts or organisms, are made use of for different jobs with brand-new genetics arrangements. Biotechnology has both benefits as well as downsides.

Thanks to biotechnology, the development of the nation’s economic situation and also the improvement of science and technique appear possible. Biotechnology has a crucial area in the areas of wellness, agriculture, animal husbandry, industry as well as technology. By doing this, it develops a part of financial development.

The benefits of biotechnology much outweigh the damages. The reason for this is the great use of modern technology and also studies to minimize its side effects. Biotechnology is widely made use of today. Many thanks to biotechnology, we meet a lot of our demands. Together with this, city life and town life gain a contemporary life.

Where Is Biotechnology Used?

Biotechnology as a term defines the methods related to understand the features of organs and also comparable parts of living organisms. It is understood that sometimes biotechnology is used for functions such as altering body organs and comparable cells and also duplicating them.
As an area of science, biotechnology is a field that can be chosen for many different purposes. Biotechnology is the very first field of application in transforming clinical inventions right into business products. Thus, biotechnology becomes a commercially important field. The locations where biotechnology is proactively utilized are as complies with;

Biotechnology Benefits and Harms

  • Repair and regeneration of brain cells,
  • Useful protein production,
  • Medicinal plant production area,
  • Applications to combat harmful genes,
  • The industry sector,
  • Studies to obtain bacteria and enzymes from organic wastes,
  • Treatment of cancer-like ailments,
  • Spinal cord treatment,
  • Vegetable and fruit production,
  • Muscle and tissue repair,
  • Cell renewal studies.

The benefits of biotechnology are as follows:

It is effective in the early diagnosis and treatment of infectious and epidemic diseases.

* It is effective in the development of industrial production in the vaccine sector.

* It is effective in the development of manufactured drugs.

* It is used in the formation of artificial cells and tissues developed for treatment purposes.

It is effective in reducing and preventing genetic diseases.

* It is used in gene therapy in cancer.

* It is used to increase productivity in agriculture.

*It is used in the development of some plant species.

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* It is effective in the formation of useful and quality substances in plants.

*It is used to develop artificial seeds.

*It is used to extract the genomes of original animal breeds.

* It means obtaining more efficient products in animal husbandry.

* It is effective in preventing the production of harmful food.

* It is used to prevent food poisoning.

It is used in the development of vaccines and the production of hormones.

*Used for criminal DNA analysis.

* It is used in the development of new drug molecules.

* It creates an industrial contribution in the import and export of products that are effective in the development of trade.

The harms of biotechnology are as follows:

*Biotechnology is very suitable for use on a side.

It is used in the production of biological weapons.

*Biological weapons harm living and non-living environments.

It causes the use of genetically modified organisms in the production of vegetables and fruits.

*Toxic wastes occur due to the use of biotechnology.

* Causes damage to proteins.

* It causes the death of many living things and the deterioration of the food chain.

* It causes the deterioration of the ecosystem.

* It causes disruption of natural balance and cycles.

*Incorrect vaccination causes fertilization and vaccination activities.

* It causes the use of agricultural pesticides as biological weapons.

* It causes environmental pollution.

Although the development of biotechnology brings some conveniences, it causes some harms to occur. Biotechnology is like a weapon. In good hands it is used for good, in bad hands it is abused. Biotechnology is used as a tool for economic development, development of industry, development of food, bee, pharmaceutical industry and realization of industrial production.

Without biotechnology, it is not possible for production to be efficient or to achieve today’s efficiency. For this reason, it is necessary to continue and develop biotechnology activities in order to continue efficient production. For this, biotechnology is important.